Out Now,

The Whisper of Calaresp by Kate Campbell

The Whisper of Calaresp by Kate Campbell. Available now.

It’s a bitterly cold winter’s day, and the snow is coming down hard as Louise decides to take her dog Barney for a walk in the local forest. It’s a walk she knows well. However, something is different today… Something is sinister. There is a feeling in the air that isn’t natural, and Barney has felt it too. Then it happens – a sound so inhuman and so chilling it stops them in their tracks.

Little does Louise know, this sound—the howl of a lone wreag—signals the beginning of a new life for her. A life in her long-forgotten homeland of Calaresp, where she is a deposed princess, and where its despotic leader Brisheit seeks to end her life.

Relying on her own skills and the powers of a secret and mystical pendant known only as The Whisper, she must try to overthrow Brisheit and win her land back. But with thousands of wreags and other creatures at his disposal, and a lust to steal the Whisper to gain its powers, Brisheit has no intention of relinquishing his position easily.

The Whisper of Calaresp is a fascinating and compelling young adult novel that can truly transport you into another world. There is never a dull moment and never a predictable outcome in this exciting fantasy thriller.

Available now from Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.com, Waterstones, Walmart, and many other retail outlets. ISBN:  979-8745431258.

We have one paperback and three eBooks of The Whisper of Calaresp to give away. For your chance to win, please reply to this post. All winners will be selected at random. Apologies, but this competition is only open to residents of the UK, EU and USA. Competition closes at 10pm BST, August 31st, 2021.

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